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Xipe is a concept conceived by Mexican entrepreneurs in one of the world's high-tech capitals: the glorious city of London. Our founders detected a real need to reinvent software development services and decided to establish a temporary camp in the Old Street area, in order to speak with local entrepreneurs and have a deeper understanding of what was happening there. Xipe is the result of this experiment.








How we work

You share your development needs with us. We create a dedicated team with the right skills required for your project, just the way you need it.

Good coders are not enough

You will certainly be able to find good coders anywhere, but in order to get things done, good coders need a solid structure: a culture and an enviroment that provides the resources and support to the theam, they can have a better understanding of your needs, motivation and self-reliance to deliver, using their talents for the benefit of your project.

Team Building Process

Our advanced recruitment model let you access the top talent. Technical skills, communication, and cultural fit, we leave no stone unturned when building your A-team.

Technical Expertise

Candidates go through intensive technical testing conducted by our tech team.

Cultural Fit

Cultural integration is paramount to ensure that communication flows.

Team Work

Start working with your well-functioning teams that will push your product forward.

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