Xipe Experience

Our core values: Quality and Customer Service

One of the most important parts of our Guarantee Policy is our commitment with Customer Service. We strive to have the best customer care within every member of our company, not only sales or customer service personnel. We know quality is not only about the product itself, but a matter of delivering results on time and form as much as offering a strong support in case of failures.


We can make your extended team scalable, it would increase or decrease in no time, for every phase of the project thanks to our extensive workforce.

Shared risks

Risks are never off the table, but we can offer you a shared risk model. That is why you will always pay after the service is successfully delivered. This way you can evaluate results while we start investing our time and resources in your project.

Open communication

We pay special attention in giving you a great experience. As our client you will have full access and open communication with your extended team, so you can always know your project’s status and assure the right and in time development.


In Xipe we know your company’s value is more than money and we understand the importance to leave it in the right hands.


Every delivery has a trial period. We give you 30 to 45 days guarantee in case of any software malfunction.


“The high quality of our work, allows us to provide a great guarantee ”

Daniel Mondragón Campa


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