Dana Kamalidenova

Account Executive

Dana Kamalidenova

Hi, my name is Dana Kamalidenova and I am Xipe Account Executive in France.

Star Trek geek and 3D autodidact prototyper, I enjoy discover new fields, meet interesting people, learn and brainstorm about innovative projects.

I’ve known Xipe founders for years and I’m thrilled to have now the opportunity to be a part of Xipe Paris team, and be the point of contact between my Mexican dream team and our French partners. 

I believe that Mexican engineers and developers are highly qualified and I want to bring them atypical challenging projects so they can develop uncharted technical solutions. As once said James T. Kirk : “There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.”

In my spare time I like to bring my daughter at the Cité des sciences et Industrie to explore robots and the Planetarium, whilst drinking thousands of cups of coffee.

Live long and prosper!