4 Benefits of socially responsible offshoring

There is a lot of benefits of socially responsible offshoring, here are some important points:

4 de noviembre del 2019

We know that offshoring is a great idea for companies, it allows you to focus on the business model by investing time and resources in goals that generate value, while you are hiring a support team for development technical needs.


Offshoring provides you a team working for your company with the qualities and professional experience at a competitive price. All this seems attractive but, as a socially responsible company, are you hiring a team from a company who cares about society?


One of the basic concepts of social responsibility from companies is the quality of work-life: career growth plans, job enrichment, employee participation, work and life balance, and not take the team to situations that may cause difficulties for work. Social responsibility is an important philosophy to follow: there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society. 


Ethics must be included in all decisions made by the company. It’s important to know what you and the offshore company are doing for society. A responsible organization has to go from the fundamentals to the actions that generate a great impact.


There is a lot of benefits of socially responsible offshoring, here are some important points:




The reduction of operating costs: 

In a socially responsible company, employees are one of their priorities, they have a greater ability to attract talent and retain staff, that’s why you do not worry about turnover, and the quality of work-life will be equal to the work quality of the team that you hire.




Positioning and differentiation: 

Work with companies wich their actions have a reflection in society, in addition to being a strategy to position themselves globally, contributes to a positive image and better brand recognition.




Access and influence opinion leaders: 

You will have a positive business reputation. Being an inspiring company has a great impact, positive opinions will be given by themselves.



Facilitate access to capital: 

The clients and prospects will be more comfortable not only for the product or service you provide them, but they will also know that you have a great team, and they will be happy to work with you. As a result of this, your company will have economic growth, productivity, and real wages increase. 





The world needs companies who develop their employees in the best way, an important part is to educate and provide skills to give back society best-prepared individuals.


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