5 recommendations to recruit and maintain good elements in your company

Hiring the right professional can mean the success of the company and the business

28 de noviembre del 2018

Recruiting employees is not always a simple task. In addition to demanding time and dedication, the selection of personnel requires the meticulousness and perseverance required by the companies, in this way the process is fruitful and generates a positive impact on the organization.

Hiring the right professional can mean the success of the company and the business. On the contrary, recruiting the wrong worker can become a very costly mistake for companies.

For this we give you 5 recommendations:

1.- Profile of the personnel to hire

Before recruiting and selecting, we must be clear about the type of personnel we will need in the short, medium and long term. In this way, the recruitment and selection of personnel is nourished by the planning processes and inventories of human resources of the company.

2.- Image of the Company

To attract powerful candidates, it is important that the company is perceived as an optimal place to work. To achieve this, it is important to work on our brand image as a company and that employees or potential candidates perceive the excellence of our business culture and our human resources policies and processes are fundamental.


3.- Select a form of recruitment.

It uses a variety of channels to capture candidacies; but, above all, don’t forget the social networks because they are excellent allies for any selection process. Networks are a great source to find candidates, in addition to being able to interact with them, you will be able to know how they are through their dynamics. Therefore, companies should be found on different platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, among others.


4.- Test the capabilities

Set up a rigorous process, objective and with optimal tests that guide us to know the candidate, to deepen their skills and also to assess their degree of adaptation to our corporate culture, as well as their possible interests and aspirations.


5.- Consider Potential 

Don’t focus only on the capacities that the candidate currently has, also consider the potential that people have to improve their performance in the future. Some of the candidates may not have fully developed their skills yet, but with training they can become a great talent at the service of the company in the future.


Keep in mind that both the recruitment and the selection of human resources must be aligned with corporate strategic objectives, with their mission, vision and values. 

We know the importance of recruiting personnel in a company, we have a hands-off model that enable you to focus on your core business while we take care of technical aspects. Entirely integrated with your vision and mission.


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