8 reasons why professional software development will never cease to exist

Software developers will always be relevant and necessary.

29 de abril del 2019

Software developers will always be relevant and necessary.


These are some of the reasons for this:


1. Technology will always continue to evolve

The phone, yes, the smartphone, which you have in your pocket processes billions (think 3.36 billion) more instructions per second than the Apollo orientation computer that took us to the moon for the first time.


2. The programming tools will be more intuitive and powerful

To give an example, it seems that every week of the year a new JavaScript framework comes out. Conclusion: there is no other way to think and assume that the development tools we use are increasingly powerful, which incorporate continuous improvements that must be mastered and learned.


3. There will be appropriate programming tools for each type of industry

The software is eating the world and is already present in niches and sectors, only a couple of years ago that was unthinkable and unpredictable. Each time the programming tools are more specialized: for creating video games, business applications, management software, programming automata, etc.


4. The labor market will continue to adapt

All the months, programmers and development companies that still program in COBOL enter the Velneo (to give an example), and they are companies and programmers who are in the labor market and who have projects. Why? Well with cases like this you realize that software systems can sometimes take a long time to adapt and update.


5. There will always be demand from expert software developers for complex tasks

The figure of the programmer will always exist, and his job will be to solve complex problems.  The best software in the world is made by human teams.


6. Machine learning will not displace programmers

Machine learning cannot completely displace software developers. Some of the best implementations of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are done by Google, and they have more than 30,000 human developers working for them.


7. Civilization is changing, and computers are at the center of our lives

Culture is changing, and computers are becoming relevant in all aspects of our lives. Five years ago, you would never have thought of taking your phone to locate a taxi by an app. Nowadays, many people use the mobile to compare the waiting time between Lyft and Uber.


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