8 Ways to keep a developer happy

A happy employee is much more productive than an unhappy one.

18 de diciembre del 2018


Getting our employees to be happy in our company will have direct benefits in the annual results. For this, an oppressive environment in the work environment must be achieved.

1. Have a mission

Employees want to feel that their work is making a difference, they do not just want to be another link in the chain. That is why it is important to give them their place in your company, listen to them and make them feel that their opinion is important.

2. Give a sense of belonging to your employees

Nobody likes to be supervised excessively. People work better and are happier when they belong when they can solve their problems in their own way and express their individuality.

3. Listen to your employees

Internal communication is essential to create empathy and know how workers value a company.

Ask your employees if they are happy or not. In this way, you will identify possible internal problems and you can eradicate them before it is too late.

4. Delegate

Giving power and responsibility to a worker helps keep his motivation high. It gives them a reason to continue striving and make sense of their day to day.

5. Help them in their professional career

Help your employees in their training. Encourage them to sign up for courses, workshops or conferences to expand the knowledge they can use in their day to day. Continuous learning makes workers feel more useful and capable within a company and, therefore, more comfortable in it.

6. Celebrate collective achievements

There is no doubt that celebrating makes us happy, and there are many reasons to celebrate. Successes, new clients, the completion of projects. Let this help you to interact with your team.

We must involve all the staff in that positive state. It is important that everyone feel they are part of the successes achieved, that their work has served to achieve important goals for the company.

7.-Encourage your employees to take time off

Contrary to what many bosses think, companies need to encourage their workers to take breaks at work to relax and charge batteries. In addition, it is important that they find spaces to interact with their peers and take their mind off work. The reality is that more than half of employees do not feel they can get away from your desk to take a short break.

8.-Match your work culture with your offices

In a business, the workspace is as important as the work environment. Your offices could encourage interaction, moments of rest and the influence of creativity, or, difficult communication between employees as long as they "do not get distracted", make them feel confined or wanting to run away to a place nicer.

Ask your employees for feedback to design a space that makes them feel comfortable and that encourages their creativity and productivity.

In Xipe we know the importance of having a good work environment. For that reason, we create a pleasant and stimulating work environment for all. If you want to know more about our company and work environment don't hesitate to contact us.