Artificial Intelligence from Sonora to the World

In the last decade, we have witnessed how technology advances by leaps and bounds and joins our lives to facilitate day-to-day tasks


Discover how Xipe Technology is improving company processes through custom software development.

In the last decade, we have witnessed how technology advances by leaps and bounds and joins our lives to facilitate day-to-day tasks. Among these advances is Artificial Intelligence (AI), an area of computer science that focuses on the creation of intelligent machines that can learn, plan, and solve problems. In companies, this technology can automate a wide variety of processes ranging from sales and customer service to inventory, budgeting, and logistics.

The CEO of Xipe Technology, Guillermo Espínola, said that given the changes that AI produces in the sector, a business must take a step forward and take advantage of its benefits to maintain a competitive advantage. Xipe Technology is a company based in London, England, which currently develops different types of software focused on providing solutions to companies around the world.

Espínola explained that "these programs use AI to improve processes, reduce costs, and allow people dedicated to doing repetitive work to free their time and focus on creative tasks to add value to the company."

These programs are Robin, Magnify, and Clubman.

After more than 11 years of research and software development, in London, England, and the United States, it has been possible to improve these three software that is now being launched in Mexico.

Robin: Your virtual assistant

Today, customers demand an immediate response to their questions, so companies need assistants to help them provide a better service.

Robin is an artificial intelligence program whose application is automating conversations with people, such as the management of social networks, frequently asked questions, the sending of quotes, and the total automation of the sales process, avoiding the loss of essential customers.

With Robin, companies can exploit the benefits of Chatbots. As the conversation progresses, the software can detect algorithms and, therefore, customer needs, which translates into time savings and the increased Profits.

Magnify: Artificial intelligence to visualize your company's data

A vital element for the proper functioning of companies is the measurement of indicators in any sector or activity, such as sales, income, expenses, inventories, personnel, among others.

To quantify the indicators of your company in real-time, Xipe Technology Magnify creates a tool that, in a matter minute, organizes and projects the data that is requested, saving time and effort, and helping people to make more accurate decisions through tables and databases.

It is for senior management reports on companies, to make predictions, and to help people prevent situations before they occur, facilitating the creation of strategies to deal with them.

Clubman: e-Learning mobile platform

A trend in marketing strategies is to provide information on a topic through a platform that allows you to share videos with your audience. Clubman is a membership payment platform with other integrations to helps organize and share your content in one place, with unlimited subscriptions and unlimited learnings.

Some of its advantages are the flexibility of the schedule, the saving of time, and the reduction of expenses in comparison with face-to-face learning, in addition to increasing its number of clients with more personalized service.


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