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If you want to take advantage of data in favor of your company. Welcome!


We love data. We believe that good data beats opinions. Today's inspiration is Tesla; No other company has gained more engagement with their customers in the last 50 years. 


In only two years, Tesla has grown the data collection from 1 billion miles of autopilot to 3 billion. The only way to do it is by selling cars. So if you want to collect data about your product, you need to have:

1- Infrastructure to handle it. 

2- Team to analyze it.

3- Channels to gather it.

4- Customers to generate it.


The good news is that the first two points are covered, you can use Azure to handle all the data you gather, and Xipe to build the analyst team for you. However, there is a big challenge in channel creation and customer acquisition. But again, big data can help you with a little help from social media.


A channel to acquire information is an interface to get the data from your customer to your data center. You can use sentiment analysis in your social media, surveys, or many sensors and trackers on your product. It doesn't matter. The important part is to get the data from your user voluntarily.


Customers are a little bit complicated. But with all the data you gather from open sources or private channels, you can have a deeper understanding of your audience's needs, so your sales and marketing team can create more effective messages and sales strategies.

Big data creates a virtuous circle between customers' insights and sales. The more you sell, the more you learn. The more you learn, the most you sell.


Tesla understands their customer better than anyone; that's why we all love the brand and the product even if we don't have a car.


I will let you link to an exciting post about Tesla's computer inside de car.



I really like brands that inspire people to do better. If also you, send me a message to explore possibilities to collaborate in something meaningful. My passion is to create high-skilled teams with the potential of changing the world.




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