Do you know your company's pain points?

Our ten-year experience has enabled us to detect critical moments in which our clients come to us desperate for help.

7 de agosto del 2018

There’s a wide range of business fields, but beyond their differences, they have many similarities; some of them are the difficulties they face and the mistakes they make when implementing digital transformation.

Digitalization is a vital process nowadays considering that global markets are turning not only in the direction of digital technology in general, but especially towards mobile devices. Here in Xipe we know that for some entrepreneurs it is often a headache that brings money and time expenses. Probably your company is about to take the leap or even better, you are in the middle of the process; chances are that maybe you are doing your best but not getting results.


What could be going wrong?

Our ten-year experience has enabled us to detect critical moments in which our clients come to us desperate for help. Our intention here is to share with you a bit of our knowledge so you can tell us how you feel about these topics:
- Your customer service is stuck and needs to be updated.
- Your recruitment process is deficient and slow.
- Payroll expenses cost you an arm and a leg.
- Customers have requested online services or transactions.
- You have invested many hours learning about a software that you want to implement with poor results.
- You need technology solutions for your business, but do not have a development department.
- You have tried hiring an offshore service, but this has only brought problems like rework costs as a result of a cheaper service.
- Important areas of your company are being unattended due to time consuming technical tasks.
- Your work load has grown in such a way that you can’t handle it.
- You were concerned about hiring a well-established outsourcing company so you chose a freelance that gave you a good price but it was a waste of money.

The list can keep growing, but overwhelming you is not our goal, so we better talk about the solutions: 

Digital transformation solutions, Zero Risk

The market is full of outsourcing and offshore offers that promise you to be a complete service for a low cost, sometimes you can’t even figure out how they manage to survive.

Opting for this type of service can be more than a waste of time and money, a higher risk in which you put your company’s name into question. Imagine that you are close to your deadline and the team you hired to reduce your workload or develop a project gives you a poor product that still requires rework, which means time (that you don’t have) and money (that you were supposed to save) and worst: you can’t meet your client’s needs in due time and form.

The best service at the lowest cost and a team working for you while you sleep are common promises, but to avoid greater risks and unexpected costs, we recommend guarantee at least four basic elements before trusting an offshore team:
- Strong recruitment process
- Quality money back guarantee
- Full transparency of the process and costs
- Direct communication with your team  

Now that you know which are your pain points, it is time to take action: Delegate. Hiring an offshore team to make the work that is draining your energy and resources could be the boost that your company needs.

If you’re still concerned about how to attack those weaknesses, we have an offer for you:


A free consultation

In which we will help you discover the aspects that are sabotaging your business development and how to solve these issues.


Does that sound like help with those big little headaches?


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