Don't stop productivity and use these tools in your company during the current health contingency

Here you have a list of technological tools that you can use in your company to face the difficulties that social distance can represent.


Technology becomes a fundamental part of daily life, with the situation that we are experiencing worldwide, technology transforms into our ally to communicate, manage tasks and continue with the activities of our company.

Due to the current health contingency, and taking social responsibility, people have decided to stay home and avoid any risky contact between employees and the community.


Here you have a list of technological tools that you can use in your company to face the difficulties that social distance can represent.


1. Collaboration tools for work



Use this tool to assign and manage tasks to your team, each task can be designated to a list on a specific project, while they are assigned to team members as required. It is possible to upload files, insert comments and insert labels, in the way the user prefers.



A messenger for computers and mobile devices dedicated exclusively to work. This helps to prevent users from ending their conversations and keeping everyone connected through a business channel. You can share files, images, have voice conversations and divide chats by group.



This tool is ideal to track your projects, it allows you to develop and edit prototypes through real-time collaboration, in addition to bringing functions related to project management. This way your team will maintain productivity during contingency days.


Activate Collab:

With this tool, you can see the progress of the projects and daily tasks to visualize in the cloud, allowing them to organize the work of the teams, as well as measures for future evaluations. It is easy to communicate between the different members of the same project and let establishing deadlines to carry out tasks and monitor their status.


Magnify Board:

These days it will not be possible to meet with the members of the company to make decisions or request physical reports. To face this scenario, you can use Magnify, a tool to access your business information in real-time through the designed dashboards and reports. It has the great advantage of granting access to members of your company for decision-making and you can see who is connected.


2. Chats to continue in communication


WhatsApp for Business:

There are no barriers to communicate, this WhatsApp tool optimizes your messaging strategy to have a higher delivery rate, it facilitates you to send customer service messages, notifications and send essential information that your current customers needs.



Customer service has to continue, a chatbot is a communication channel to assist the customers of many businesses. One of the consequences that social distancing will cause is that messages and emails will increase considerably,  a chatbot will be able to streamline the processes of attention, information, sales of products and services.


3. Websites and online stores

These days it is vitally important to avoid physical contact in any business or company. Help your clients to find your business online with a web page, where you can continue offering information, your services, and products while you are helping your customers to stay at home.


Online stores operate 24 hours, 365 days a year, so you are selling all the time and at all hours, this lets your customers continue consuming the necessary products with the comfort of home delivery and consequently prevent them from leaving the house.


4. E-learning platforms

If your company offers classes, courses, training, and workshops, take advantage of a tool that allows you to continue offering these services online and avoid meetings of groups of people.

An e-learning platform is a virtual space where people can upload their content to create their mobile learning platform. It is a great opportunity to facilitate the experience of users who are part of a club learning, training, courses, with a big community of users.

With the campaign #StayAtHome, you help people to have fun with this tool and let them continue learning in the health contingency days without leaving their homes.


5. Saas (Software as a service)

If your company requires an application that allows continuing with productivity, it is necessary to contact a development company to find a solution to your company's needs. Software as a service lets you use an application that doesn't reside on company premises since it is hosted by the company that develops or provides the service. In this way, the users of the contracted applications access and work with the software remotely through the internet. Some common examples are email, calendars, and office tools.


It's important to take the preventive measures that are indicated to avoid the expanse of CODVID-19, such as personal hygiene, washing and disinfecting objects, and social distancing.

Social distancing should not represent a loss of productivity if you work with the tools mentioned in this article.


For more information and tips on technological solutions for your company during this contingency, contact Xipe Technology.


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