Global Agent Program

This could be your opportunity to build your ideal lifestyle

23 de noviembre del 2018

One of the premises of Xipe Technology is to put the name of Mexico on the map of the technology industry in Europe and the world. In the words our CEO, Guillermo Espínola, we want to approach investors and entrepreneurs to talk about Mexico’s Tech Industry and hear back something like “Sure! I’ve heard that they are one of the best”.

Recently, Xipe has been participating in several international events in order to achieve this goal. The creation of the Global Agent Program (GAP) is part of those efforts. The objective of this initiative, besides conquer global market, is to find Xipe’s representatives around the world, who can speak for us and transmit the main values and the soul of our company, as long as create a large network of business partners and happy customers.

Global Agents will be in charge of this significant duty, in addition to closing sales cases with the help of our international sales support team. They will receive tech sales expert training, certification and all the tools needed to succeed in their work.

One of the ideas that we would strongly like to spread is our work style and how it could help our customer’s company, making our partnership one of their best investments. Here are five reasons that support this belief:


Five big reasons why work with Xipe Technology is great for your company:

- Ensure the quality in each line of code as a benefit for your company and its customers.
- High level of customer service and effective communication every day.
- Thorough control in each phase of the project through an assigned Project Manager, so you do not have to worry about your DevOps team.
- Work with shared risk, our customers pay at the end of each month, with each successful delivery.


Who can be part of the GAP?

Thanks to our specialized training program, almost everyone in legal working age can be part of the GAP, however, people who have previous experience in sales, or even better, sales related to technology areas; they will certainly have an advantage.

Applicants will start a 45 day test program with 5% commissions and then start with the official contract and the possibility to duplicate their revenue. It is not necessary to work a certain number of hours, each trainee decides how much time to invest, but must keep in mind that it is necessary to close at least one sale during the probation period to continue with the program.

This job is perfect for you if:

1.- You already have a job and great experience in sales but are looking for a side income or being independent.
2.- You are currently unemployed and looking for a job in sales related to software or technology.
3.- Looking for a new job, but do not master tech.



- A stable company with excellent growth
- A great commissions program
- Fast career development and opportunities
- Work at your own way, time, and from anywhere
- Get the chance to make valuable contacts
- Be part of international projects
- Opportunities to international travel

Are you interested in our Global Agent Program? Let us know you!


This could be your opportunity to build your ideal lifestyle.