Great Leadership is about Influence, not Authority

Being a great leader is about building mutual trust and respect with your team.

25 de abril del 2019

Being a great leader is about building mutual trust and respect with your team. It’s never about given orders out of a position of power. If you can build that mutual respect, at that point you can lead from a position of influence.


Listen to your Employees

Every leader will probably say that they listen to their employees. But are they really? Leaders should listen to truly comprehend their employees.

Be Humble

There is something about the job of a leader that occasionally makes the leader think they are better than everyone else. Most importantly, that is not true at all. But secondly, it's a formula for failure. Pride precedes the fall. It takes a great team to succeed in business. Great employees prefer not to work for a prideful boss. Eventually, that boss will lose their team and their organization will fall into chaos. Great leaders stay away from this by being humble. They assume the blame for failure and give away the credit for success.

Find Great Mentors

You need great mentors to be a great leader. You need wise individuals who have effectively gone down this journey in life. The reason is that people have a brilliant capacity to learn lessons from each other we don't have to commit all the same mistakes that others have before us. Give them a chance to impart to you what those mistakes were and learn how to avoid them. Great leaders stand on the shoulders of the giants who preceded them.

Lead with Influence, not Authority

Great leaders recognize that it takes an incredible team to be successful. So, they lead from a position of impact instead of authority. And by doing that they can begin making a positive impact in their organization and the world.


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