How to build a remote team

Remote teams can work from different parts of the world in order to share experiences and create great projects.

Remote teams can work from different parts of the world in order to share experiences and create great projects. Nowadays, companies need to expand their business or hire a remote team to adapt to changes. This process of recruiting and hiring can represent a big challenge for any company.

Here we give you five tips to start searching for your remote team:


1. Determine your needs

Expanding your business involves administration, sales, systems, and support tasks. Analyzing this important point, you will realize that some of these tasks don't require the presence of a physical employee. Currently, they can be carried out from a computer on the other side of the world. You just need a good connection and a great disposition for communication.


2. Look for people who offer you added value.

Collaborators can offer additional solutions, they show you real interest in your growth as a company.  You can detect 3 key actions to find out if a team offers added value to your company or project:

• They have experience in different projects inside and outside their specialty branch.

• When they are proposing, they offer some additional benefits and creative problem solutions.

• They have skills that you don't need at this time but can be helpful in the future to continue working and growing your company.


3. Communication and transparency matters

Choose the communication channels that works best for you and your team, is important to have a fluid conversation about the project, agreements, and receive constant feedback. Make sure that each member of your team complies with the safety and quality policies. You and the team have to work with the highest ethical standards, in this way, all can feel more protected.


4. Establish labor agreements

It's important to implement remote work policies to establish guidelines and expectations for each sprint or project. Keep in touch with all team members, define responsibilities and headings of the project, this will help to formalize each of the tasks that needs to be done. Make sure to update all the information about your company, the team must be aligned with the company objectives. 


5. Start working remotely with a strong solid team

Create a culture of teamwork, trust in virtual teams is more challenging. Use the appropriate technology to communicate, collaborate, and manage the project. If you feel that something is not working well, you need to work with your team to find a solution. Professionalism and communication offered by a remote team are essential pieces for your project to be successful.


Building your remote team requires good practices. With these 5 tips and the right tools, you will notice significant growth in your company. Remember that your remote team must offer you added value according to your growth process.

At Xipe we are experts in consulting and guiding our clients and users to make the best decision in team-building processes. Send us a message and let's talk about your needs.


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