How to work efficiently on several projects at the same time

Every client and project is different and sometimes you’ve got yourself one complex project

31 de agosto del 2018

Web projects can be tricky, especially when you are dealing with clients. That’s because every client and project is different and sometimes you’ve got yourself one complex project.

So, the question here is who to manage different projects at the same time and work effectively?

We’ve managed web and mobile projects among other things, with our experience we’ve found some of these tips that can help you:


Your projects will have distinctive needs, and assignments inside those activities will likewise have diverse needs. Ensure you comprehend what is extremely essential and what's only a nice to have.

Create your own project portfolio

Is better to think in all your projects as part of your own portfolio. In that way you have a grouping of projects that are interconnected.

Weekly reports

One thing that you can do is weekly reports as an update for what errands are coming up. The week after week report covers what work was done for this present week and what work is expected for consummation the next week.

Knowing what is coming up can help you better prepare for it. You might have the capacity to move some work around to smooth out the bustling occasions, or you can do some work ahead of time and get in additional assistance.

Track Your Progress

It is so easy to fall behind! Keep an eye on how much time you are spending on any action. Utilizing the time following highlights of your administration programming or simply keep a note.

Is difficult to manage two, three or even four projects at the same time, that’s the reason why in Xipe we work with work cells, this allows to have a higher productivity, better flow of communication and more efficient use of shared resources.


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