Improve Your Customer Service Culture Involving Your Whole Work Team

The challenge is to create a culture of continuous service improvement

3 de septiembre del 2018

The real question is not how to improve customer service, but how to create a culture of continuous service improvement. The environment in your company has to motivate and support employees to take actions to create value for customers.


You have to create a unique customer service philosophy

The promise of provide the “best service” is never enough for your customers. Find out what style or version of service your customers will value most, and then match your culture service to meet the needs.


Hire for your philosophy culture.

The old adage of “Hire for the attitude and train the skill” doesn’t match in this case. Even the correct attitude, will your new employee fit into the philosophy that you are trying to build? Look beyond the attitude to the right personality.  


Everyone have to be on the same page.

Every employee has to understand the company’s goal, vision and mission, and must be able to articulate the essence of these statements.


Empower people to experiment.

Motivate your employees to try and do new things. Just remember that the outcome should be positive for the customer, not to hurt the company.  


Learning Environment.

When a person is experimenting, they are truly empowered and they will learn more from the successes and failures. Try to encourage your employees to do this. Celebrate it all and share these lessons with everyone.  


Recognition and reward

These elements don’t come very often from the customer, this is why recognition and reward must come from the company. Want your team to give better and more creative customer service? Then get better and more creative with your service recognition and rewards.


If your company is an amazing place to work, if people love coming to work, and there is a contagious enthusiasm because the employees really love how you treated them and what they do then the customer is going to feel it.

Here in Xipe, we can create an extended team with the highest Customer Service Culture.

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