Improve Your Profit With Xipe's Tech Solutions For Marketing Agencies

Make your Marketing Agency more efficient by creating customized tools.

13 de agosto del 2018

We know strategy and creativity is the goal of Marketing Agencies, but the reality is that it is not everything. You know that running a Marketing Agency is full of technical and administrative issues that can consume a significant part of your time.

On the other hand, the lack of experience in specific areas such as technology, could restrict your range of services. Outsourcing this part of the work could be a breath of fresh air, but sometimes rates and procedures are complicated and overwhelming, here is where offshore appears as a very attractive solution.

Here in Xipe, we develop software to help your Marketing Agency by making processes more efficient and creating customized tools that fit your clients needs. Perhaps your Marketing Agency could offer strategies, including Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things as a key differentiator. Why not?

Certainly, it is a considerable investment, but think on how it could increase your profits.


Back to the basics

Probably thinking about A. I. is too much for you at this time, but there are so many other areas where we can help, basic tasks that need a defined strategy, such as community management, SEO, user experience, web development, eCommerce, content translation, etc.

Imagine that “to do list” being done while you concentrate on how to make your company grow.


A Project Manager equals Quality

Here in Xipe we have the word “Quality” engraved, and we believe that having a project manager for everyone of our teams is the key to keep a project well organized, efficient and giving the expected results.

If you have worked before with offshoring services, you know this is not very common, but for us, it is a must. When you hire a Xipe Working Cell, you do not only get an extended team, you get the experience of a Project Manager and a whole team of experts willing to help you under the standard of our strong customer service policy.

Do you have in mind what are those duties that you could leave in our hands? We will help you to find them.

Let us know your project.