Internet of Things in our daily life

Internet of Things guarantees to bring the connectivity of the Internet into each aspect of our lives

4 de octubre del 2018

With the Internet of Things, items are smart, and subsequently can be utilized to advertise themselves in a way that was previously unthinkable.

Currently, one of the greatest technology trends is the Internet of Things, which guarantees to bring the connectivity of the Internet into each aspect of our lives. Making our gadgets and homes more brilliant and more proficient. The internet of things guarantees to be a revolution on par with the original connectivity revolution that the web has released in the course of recent years.

There are expected to be 75 billion associated gadgets by 2020, which means there will be ten times the number of gadgets ready to converse with each other as there will be individuals on the planet. The suggestions are colossal and far ranging. This sharing of data will change the manner in which we experience our lives.


The following apps are an example of the utilization of internet of things:

Amazon – Tide

Associated items don't simply need to be tools for marketing; they can likewise be utilized for sales, products that request more of themselves are fairly a holy grail for B2C brands, and that is exactly what tide has accomplished in collaboration with amazon. Amazon's dash buttons connect with your home wi-fi and connection to the Amazon application. They can be squeezed at whatever point you are running low on a given product i.e Tide detergent, and the product the button corresponds to will turn up on your door in two or three days. Thusly your clients aren't in a store looking at 100 different brands which do similar things, rather they're in their home taking a gander at the relatively empty bottle of detergent and supposing they could do with more, so they simply press the button and they're done. It likewise makes the buy procedure so frictionless that it is at the touch of a button.


Tesla Motors

Tesla is well known for their ground-breaking electric car technology. In any case, they additionally are pushing the limits of connecting devices. They refreshed all their car’s software remotely so enhance execution without any inconvenience at all to the consumer. Updates to physical items that occur comparably to the sort of updates we are presently used to with the software we utilize will progressively become standard and expected.



Gooee are a lighting supplier who expects to transform lighting into a service. Their associated lights can give prescient and pre-emptive support, guarantee and verification of execution, energy savings, smoke detection, data analytics and light. These put them impressively in front of the competition.


Uber – Spotify

Uber and Spotify have connected their services with the goal that clients can interface their Spotify account to their Uber application, and when taking a ride in an Uber you can utilize the Uber App to play music through the car's speakers via your Spotify account. This is two Apps talking with each other, and after that talking with the car. It improves the client experience and helps retain customers by getting them locked into their product ecosystem.



This technology trends represent a big opportunity for the marketers and companies, in Xipe we have experts in the development of apps, if you are interested we can help you. Contact us.