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Xamarin University is a live, interactive, mobile development training led by Xamarin experts

1 de octubre del 2018

Xamarin University is a live, interactive, mobile development training led by Xamarin experts. With over 80 courses covering 10 tracks, Xamarin University is the best training offering that will keep you up to date to stay ahead in this fast-paced mobile world.

Take Your Skills and Go Mobile

Take your C# programming skills and learn to build amazing cross-platform mobile apps with Xamarin University.

Live Sessions: Learn to build iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps.

Courses: From beginner development classes to advanced patterns and enterprise security, Xamarin University has you covered with over 75 courses across eight different learning tracks. Class recordings and labs are also accessible at any time.

Certification: Become a Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer by completing all required courses in the certification track and passing the certification exam (included with subscription).

Learning Tracks and Classes

Classes are broken into different learning tracks so you can focus on an area or learn across many. Stay on top of trends with curriculum that’s constantly updated by a dedicated team of mobile experts. Check out our Course Catalog.

Xamarin skills are increasingly in demand. Ensure you and your team represent top Xamarin talent by earning the Xamarin Mobile Certification, offered exclusively through Xamarin University.

The Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer badge is given to developers who have undergone rigorous coursework and demonstrated expertise in practical cross-platform mobile development using Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms to build apps for all the major mobile platforms.


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