Silicon Valley Efforts for a Cleaner Future

Companies from Silicon Valley taking action on climate change

30 de julio del 2018

Global warming is a real thing, and many companies in Silicon Valley are starting to change their production methods and vision for a cleaner future, just like Apple did. The big tech company has announced that it is working on a contract with one of the main cobalt suppliers in the world, since it is able to comply with the highest environmental standards of the brand.
Last year, Apple declared that it would not let cobalt from small-scale mines in the Congo enter its supply chain until it can verify that the "appropriate protections" are in place.

While some companies strive for a cleaner future, others are aiming for better food. Plenty is a farming company that focuses its efforts on something that seems very obvious, but is not: growing tasty nutritious food.

At the beginning of the supermarket industry, food, such a vegetables and fruits had to be modified to be more appealing and have more shelf time. This results in watery vegetables, frozen lettuce, etc. Plenty’s aim is to revert this by creating vertical farms that fit on almost every building, using 1% of the water, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and no pesticides, on a fraction of the land.

Plenty can create a farm in an urban neighborhood that will feed people with fresher ingredients and better tasting food. With Jeff Bezos as the primary investor, Plenty can guarantee that their farms will be a very real thing in the near future.