Technology in restaurant business: Scrumptious

Now it is not enough to be the best chef, you also need to be innovative and use the latest available technology

14 de diciembre del 2018

Restaurants are increasingly aware of the importance of new technologies for the future of their business. Now it is not enough to be the best chef, you also need to be innovative and use the latest available technology.

It's time to take charge of your business and start asking yourself what can innovation bring in my restaurant? The best way is to use technology to achieve your goals and differentiate yourself.

It is useless to use a lot of Apps, put them at the service of consumers, if then these aren’t useful for them. In this case, we are using technology in a wrong way because it doesn’t meet the needs of our customers. The technological proposals are endless you have to select those that add value to the restaurant.

It doesn’t happen only in restaurants, nowadays any business that doesn’t invest in technology is becoming obsolete and out of the market.

One of our projects for a restaurant was Scrumptious:


Scrumptious delivers the best seafood, fruits and meats totally fresh from their warehouse to the restaurant without having to freeze it. Their Just-In-Time delivery model makes the restaurant operation easier.

We took on the task of lead an analogic company to the digital era. With Scrumptious we had the opportunity to exploit our full potential, participating in a big project, a fast growth company.

What we do

The mobile app was developed to automate the requesting an ordering processes, making them easier and allowing clients to follow up.

In addition, we provided our client with a well-equipped website and administrator tools that allows better control of the request process in order to improve their service.


In Xipe we can develop a system for the administration of your restaurant with either a web page or an application, if you want to know more about our company and projects don’t hesitate to contact us.