The State of UX for 2019

Keeping up with the current trends is important in the UX design because directly influences the way your digital product is positioned

12 de febrero del 2019

These days, the technological world is more powerful than any other time in recent memory and the challenge is for sure extreme. To meet users’ expectations, you at any rate, need to keep your finger on the pulse. But if you want to win the race, you have to be one step ahead of your rivals.

A shift from flat to Material design

A minimalist approach to deal with UIs of web and mobile applications has been famous for a couple of years. However, while flat design had a predominant position lately, it appears that material design will supplant it in 2019.

Both material and flat design have a common purpose, they are centered around making a UI simpler and improving its usability. However, a flat design depends on 2D illustrations, solid color hierarchy and perceptible critical components (links and call-to-action buttons).

Improved interactivity 

It's less demanding to grab clients' eye with something that is moving rather than with static components. That’s why animation remains an ever-evolving trend.

Dynamic interfaces

With the expanded prevalence of Material design and gesture-based navigation, interfaces have turned out to be increasingly powerful. And this brings a lot of benefits to users. Most importantly, it's simpler to see what was done if buttons and fields on the screen are changing because of clients' activities. Animations can indicate clients the subsequent stages making their journey more convenient and pleasant.

Data-based design

With the ascent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, organizations got an opportunity to adopt an increasingly customized strategy for servicing their clients. Furthermore, people’s expectations in this area are higher than at any time in recent memory. When we utilize some application consistently, we need it to know our inclinations. When we open the Uber application, we anticipate that it should figure out our location.

AR to get closer to users

While videos tell brands’ stories, augmented reality (AR) technology enables clients to wind up a piece of such stories. It really conquers the gap between your organization/item and customers.

The universe of UX design is consistently changing and dynamic. New ideas emerge and become contagious frequently.

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