Top 5 Apps Made Using Xamarin

Alongside iOS and Android applications, Xamarin can be utilized to produce Windows 10 applications as well

27 de septiembre del 2018

Xamarin is a cross- platform execution of the Common Language Specifications (Microsoft.Net) and Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). Through Xamarin's cross platform, design mobile apps utilizing a single language. Alongside iOS and Android applications, Xamarin can be utilized to produce Windows 10 applications as well.

You name the domain and you have a Xamarin application that surfaces with advantages and functionalities. Be in the field of medicinal services, producing, gaming, technology or hospitality, the list of multi-area functionalities of Xamarin applications is endless as are their capacities.


1. Olo

Offering a seamless food ordering application called Olo, this Xamarin-based mobile app application lives by the guarantee of helping restaurants deliver precisely to their esteemed customers. Supporting food delivery activities appropriate from taking food orders all the way to delivery, the Olo application comes as a single-window interface to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Wrapping the contributions with a customized benefit, Olo has tied-up with more than 150 restaurant brands supported by 30 million end clients. Essentially developed using mobile DevOps, a revamp caused the application to take the support of Xamarin so that restaurants can garner goodwill through predominant customer engagement.


2. The World Bank Survey App

Mixing Xamarin with the capabilities of Visual Studio, The World Bank came up with an application that can be utilized to direct surveys on a global scale. Doing away with the earlier practices incorporated by international financial institutions, The World Bank Survey App simplified the survey activities in more ways than one.

where the Xamarin based survey, application examines data from a huge number of respondents on tablets. To top everything, this application can be relied on the quality of its data confidentiality highlight that shields your remarks and opinions to fall according to different respondents.


3. Storyo

Storyo is a Xamarin-based application that encourages you come up with interesting videos from photos. You can likewise tag your video with subtle elements like time and place alongside other relevant information that will reflect your narrating capacities. This story interface featuring captivating recordings is compatible with multiple platforms alongside a feature that enables clients crosswise over 170 nations to get to your recordings; in a jiffy!


4. FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a Xamarin offering that enables you to source your basic needs(groceries) from the comfort of your homes. With a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) that enables advertisers to track their stock through an identification code, FreshDirect is the result of numerous innovations.


5. SuperGiant Games

If you are a gaming devotee, then you should not miss trying your hand at the SuperGiant Games mobile application. The game was basically created for PCs and Xbox, is currently a Xamarin-based mobile application that is introduced in the dual forms of classic and touch-screen.

Utilizing Xamarin as the coding platform worked for the application when the application disabled numerous difficulties alongside earning the Editor's Choice award on the iTunes store.


In Xipe we have the experience of having used Xamarin in different projects that have been very successful, so we can help you, if you are interested, feel free to contact us.