Training programs as a recruitment strategy

There are lots of reasons to do employee training

28 de noviembre del 2018

If you are lucky enough to be a company that is perceived as a “cool place to work,” you will have candidates beating a path to your door. 

But what if you are just a “normal” company, how can you compete?

Exist ways to make your company a “cooler” work environment through advantages like flex time, casual dress, onsite childcare, etc. We can’t all adopt these advantages, but there is one weapon that you might already have in your arsenal to make your organization a more attractive place to work and that is training.

Most specialists concur that retention is undeniably more vital than recruiting replacement talent. On the off chance that you lose somebody and by some miracle you are able to find a replacement whose resume exactly matches the skills of the individual who left, regardless they don't know how things are done in your organization. There will exist a learning curve until your new hire matches the output of the person you lost.

Don’t just view training and development as a way to reskill staff. Ensure you use your investment as a weapon in the competition for talent. Find a way to advance your training and development programs in your endeavors to attract and recruit new talent, and ensure you give your staff the time they need to exploit the learning and improvement programs you offer. On the off chance that you are not offering quality training to your staff, you are at a genuine inconvenience in the competition for Talent.

There are lots of reasons to do employee training. Here are just a few of the top motivators:

-Improved employee performance

-Faster onboarding

-Improved retention

-Increased return on investment

-Formalizing your organization’s training

-Strengthening your company’s culture


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