Trends M-Commerce Industry in Europe – Forecast

People all around the world spent online $751.222 every minute of every day in 2017

24 de agosto del 2018

The European economy has experience turbulence since the Brexit, but is has not affected the mobile commerce. The UK, France and Germany are the countries that dominate the e-commerce market, making up 68.9% of European sales.

More than 25% of Earth’s population logs into their Facebook account at least once a month. Last year, there were 3.5 million searches on Google, 156 million sent e-mails, 46.200 post uploaded on Instagram, 342.000 apps downloaded on Google Play and App Store, and $258,751.90 earned by Amazon per minute.

People all around the world spent online $751.222 every minute of every day in 2017. Revenue in the European e-commerce market amounted to a total of $321,796 million, according to Statista, while the number of online shoppers in Europe is expected to amount to 383.9 million in 2022.

A report by BI Intelligence mentioned “By 2020, mobile commerce will make up for 45% of the total eCommerce mobile, equaling $248 billion in sales. That’s more than 3 times of what is expected for 2016. BI Intelligence predicts mobile commerce will hit 20.6 percent of overall eCommerce or $79 billion.”

Top Areas of M-Commerce

  • Money Transfer Apps

  • E-commerce Plarforms (B2B and B2C)

  • Travel Apps

  • Online Booking & Reservation Apps

  • Event, Entertainment and Ticket Booking Apps

  • In App Purchases


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