Why do i need UX Design in my product?

What needs does the user have?  What do they expect to find? What motivates to use it?


Every time the term "UX" is more frequent. And although many use it to refer to a site or app's simple and functional design, it goes much further.

UX (User Experience) is a set of experiences focused on the user and their interaction with a platform; therefore, it also requires research, information architecture, content strategy, and interaction design. Each part contributes to offer people what they need. 

How does a user feel when interacting with the product?

That has relevance concerning whether a product or service is successful or not.

It's not enough to stand out from the competition. It has to be useful, efficient, easy to use, pleasant, among other things, so that users will prefer you.

We live in an age where everything is fast and first impressions have a strong enough relevance to make a person not even consider giving a product a second chance. With communication channels, a favorable or unfavorable opinion can quickly reach a large number of people.

Improving the UX of your project can bring huge benefits, including:

Loyalty and Satisfaction: 

If users go through a bad experience, such as a complex system, they will not return. If their experience has been simple and even fun, they will come back and have us as a reference. Remember that 9 out of 10 online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

ROI and conversion rates 

When your user experience is as significant as possible, your performance rate is sure to increase. This essentially means that you are putting enough money into your business to make it a user favorite, and now you are reaping the rewards with higher profits.

The improved user experience can streamline your buyers' journey, shortening the time from lead to sale. This increases your leads' quality, as only those with high interest will proceed to the conversion, and you are more likely to experience more return business from satisfied and satisfied customers.

This happened to Amazon, who increase its sales by 300 million dollars after changing the text "register" to "continue" on a button—only changing a text button!


The faith that your site incites in your users also plays an essential role in the user experience. Security is one of the main concerns of online users.  By having policies accessible and displaying security features, your users will have a sense of credibility.

Search engine optimization

According to recent changes in Google's algorithms, sites that aren't usable will be penalized, consequently losing search engine rankings.

A digital product with UX design should follow a few factors, such as fast, well-designed, easy-to-use, fully described, connectivity, meaningful, data interaction, and robust style! If you need help with your project, Xipe team will be very excited to work with you.


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