Why propose Artificial Intelligence as a development topic?

Software organizations need to develop skills in the field of artificial intelligence

13 de diciembre del 2018

Every day, without realizing it, we have adopted artificial intelligence (AI) as a reality more and more present in our lives, being a participant in professional areas that we normally don’t imagine. Unlike in science fiction movies, artificial intelligence has come to help us, bringing innovation and quality of life. In addition, it also provides us with some comforts, making our day to day easier.

For decades, scientists have tried to use artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms to equip computers with knowledge and behavior similar to humans. Although more sophisticated than traditional programming, the techniques used have focused mainly on manually growing and improving the knowledge base of the system, which has always been limited. Limited knowledge of the domain has proven to be a poor substitute for human experience; AI systems are as good as their programming (performed manually by a human). 

Software organizations need to develop skills in the field of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence will not replace the work of the developers, but will enrich it. Creating applications enriched by AI, as well as improving development processes through AI will require new skills.



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