Xipe's experience helping companies to expand to new markets

Xipe has the experience of helping companies expand into new markets

7 de septiembre del 2018

Planning and implementing a growth strategy to develop new markets and expand your business before your current market flattens out will not only help your business survive tough times, it could also give you a considerable edge.

Xipe has the experience of helping companies expand into new markets. We do this by creating customized software development teams to solve today's Marketing Agency’s needs.

We suggested line-up for your new team, that’s because we understand that Marketing Agencies have a fluctuating business, let us share the risk with you. We provide your company with a base team that can scale up and down as your company need.

1 Project Manager

We suggest integrating a PM with enough experience, that could coordinate various software projects at the same time.

Your project manager will become an extension of your administration team.


3 Developers

We recommend integrating your team with 2 front end developers plus a full stack dev. with SEO experience.


1 UX/UI Designer

One of the most important tasks of the job. Every team should get a UX/UI Designer with basic front-end coding skills.

We know that Marketing Agencies are based around creative freedom and have the culture to support that.

With Software Development you need different kind of cultural support to get the best out of your dev. team, together we can mix the best practices of both companies.


Let us take care of the technical development work. Whether you need an App, Webpage, eCommerce or a specific coding skill, we want to be your partner, so together we increase your companie’s revenue. Contact us