Xipe's Suggested Team for Fintech project

If your organization looks for a development partner in Fintech, you will require a specialist.

17 de septiembre del 2018

Extensively, FinTech is anywhere innovation or technology is connected in money related administrations or used to help organizations to deal with financial parts of their business, including new programming and applications, procedures and plans of action.

If your organization looks for a development partner in the fintech space, you will require a specialist. Not only a specialist on software development, but an organization that comprehends the remarkable mix of innovations and technologies required to develop fintech applications. By getting some information about the developer’s experience in the following technologies, you can make sure that your applications won't just be ground-breaking, deployable, and innovative, however that they will likewise meet banking industry standards for data security and protection.

In Xipe we create your team specialized in financial technology. And we suggested a line up for you team.

1 Finance specialist

We suggest to integrate a project manager with a deep understanding in finances and technology.

Your project manager will become someone to discuss many topics.

3 Developers

Speaking about fintech security and accuracy is at the top. We provide a coder with experience in Security and 2 coders with accounting experience.

1 UX and graphic designer

The look and feel for fintech is one of the most studied fields of graphic communication. We will provide you a designer with previous experience and skills in the area

While our clients include international companies, we bring the same enthusiasm and commitment to every one of our customers. We believe you will find us the ideal technology partner for your next fintech project. Contact Us