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Let’s look at some of the benefits that includes working in blockchain.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

We cover a huge amount of blockchain services and they include:

Wallets Development

Our blockchain developers have developed decentralized and secure desktop and mobile wallets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Altcoins which are secure.

BlockChain Consulting

Our consultants solve all your queries like how to implement blockchain, understanding finance trading of the domain, initiating payment process, management, and demonstration.

Cryptocurrency Development

We have developed many customized Cryptocurrency Platforms to build custom cryptocurrency that can be utilized for cryptocurrency based projects.

Smart Contract Development

Our experts develop secure and proficient Smart Contract code to automate the execution of processes in Ethereum and HyperLedger Fabric.


Advantages working on blockchain.


This is a core concept and benefit of blockchain. There is no need for a trusted third party or intermediary to validate transactions; instead a consensus mechanism is used to agree on the validity of transactions.

Transparency and trust

As blockchains are shared and everyone can see what is on the blockchain, this allows the system to be transparent and as a result trust is established. This is more relevant in scenarios such as the disbursement of funds or benefits where personal discretion should be restricted.


Once the data has been written into the blockchain, it is extremely difficult to change it back. It is not truly immutable, but due to the fact that changing data is extremely difficult and almost impossible, this is seen as a benefit to maintaining an immutable ledger of transactions.

High availability

As the system is based on thousands of nodes in a peer-to-peer network, and the data is replicated and updated on each and every node, the system becomes highly available. Even if nodes leave the network or become inaccessible, the network as a whole continues to work, thus making it highly available.

Highly secure

All transactions on a blockchain are cryptographically secured and provide integrity.

Simplification of current paradigms

The current model in many industries such as finance or health is rather disorganized, wherein multiple entities maintain their own databases and data sharing can become very difficult due to the disparate nature of the systems.

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Team Building Process

Our advanced recruitment model let you access the top talent. Technical skills, communication, and cultural fit, we leave no stone unturned when building your A-team.

Technical Expertise

Candidates go through intensive technical testing conducted by our tech team.

Cultural Fit

Cultural integration is paramount to ensure that communication flows.

Team Work

Start working with your well-functioning teams that will push your product forward.


Affordable Talent

We recruit some of the Mexico’s most talented developers, with years of experience from industries like Banking, Online Payments, eCommerce, Building, Finances and more. On top of that, these developers are average 50% less expensive than their North American and European counterparts.

Zero Risk

In Xipe we have been building successful offshore development teams for the last decade. Our experience guarantees that we will put together an excellent team for you and our quality assurance promise is that if you are not satisfied with the team we will refund the team building cost.

Full Transparency

You receive one invoice a month inclusive of everything. That means no additional or unforeseen costs. We have built a model for an easy and manageable overview of the operational costs that our customers love.