We create customized software development teams.

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Why to work with us?

We have a hands-off model that enable you to focus on your core business while we take care of technical aspects. Entirely integrated with your vision and mission, You can choose between three different modalities: Extended team, DevOps or Guerrilla.

Build your talented software development team in Mexico. It has never been so easy.

The Value of Know-How

Along our thirteen years of experience, we have seen the rise of new technologies and the end of many others, but there is something that remains strong in the industry: The Know-How of software development

We grew from web site builder to software developers and entrepreneurs in a few years. One of our creations, Wineux, disrupted the traditional wine business model in Mexico and continue today.

Xipe expanded to United Kingdom in 2015 with excellent results, now we are a multinational software development company.

We are pretty sure that our experience and Know-How will help you to take better and more effective decisions for your company.



Customers stories

"It has been very helpful having you as our team member in London. I appreciate everything that you do for the office. Truthfully, anything you contribute behind-the-scenes allows us to have more time to interact with the clients every day."

From Oliver Davies

Customers who have used this service

Torden Brands

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If there is any other question or you want to know more about something specific, you can contact one of our agents at any time.

Extended Teams

“I am passionate about of the financial world. Investments, acquisitions, monetary transactions. I am specialized in fintech projects.”

Guillermo Espínola

CEO, Co-Founder

Extended Teams

“We started with an idea to create a simple and efficient offshoring model. We find the best engineers and put together the dream team for your business and start working.”

Guillermo Espínola

CEO, Co-Founder

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Get an integrated service of software development plus software operation for your company. We have a high talented crew trained to help you to manage this area and increase your productivity.


Risks in business are almost impossible to avoid, but if there is a way to reduce the chances to fail without sacrificing performance, we should take it without a doubt. Soft Landing is the answer to your expansion plan, with the support of experts in global business development.


No matter how hard the task is, our team is ready to help you when things with tech don’t go as planned. We are coders with the need to find new challenges to prove our value in extreme situations such as lack of time and resources.


Affordable Talent

We recruit some of the Mexico’s most talented developers, with years of experience from industries like Banking, Online Payments, eCommerce, Building, Finances and more. On top of that, these developers are average 50% less expensive than their North American and European counterparts.

Zero Risk

In Xipe we have been building successful offshore development teams for the last decade. Our experience guarantees that we will put together an excellent team for you and our quality assurance promise is that if you are not satisfied with the team we will refund the team building cost.

Full Transparency

You receive one invoice a month inclusive of everything. That means no additional or unforeseen costs. We have built a model for an easy and manageable overview of the operational costs that our customers love.