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We are a startup reshaping the software development industry.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know companies' common problems creating software: The shortage of great developers, limited budgets, and lousy offshoring options. But also the lack of advisory or experience.

So visiting the city of London back in 2018 for London tech week, we decided to reshape the way startups around the world create their development teams.

We have a lot of experience in creating successful software solutions. With more than 50 projects since 2005 our CEO and the very same team we are, started our first startup back in 2008, We created the first payment gateway in Mexico. And in 2013, we sold it to a midsize bank. We use to name PayComer. You still can find some of our video Ads on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t5mpApLVs8)

In 2014 we started Fidelta, a reward card system; we reach over 200,000 users in LATAM in only 18 months after we lauched, and we did an exit by selling the engine to the famous beer brand Corona in 2017.

Maybe our sales are not that famous as Youtube, Skype, or Whatsapp, but for sure are a great success.

We discover that most of the companies who fail in the SaaS industry or tech-based companies are because they don't know how to control their development. It can consume all your resources without even return the investment. Or you can lose a lot of money patching it when the users start coming in.

So now, we are creating this company to create development teams with structure and methodologies to deliver.