Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: February 2016


Arcangel it is a social organization that his purpose is to help students, teachers, and their families from public institutions so they can receive the best medical attention in private hospitals in case of accidents.

They are a big social organization that ensures students and teachers and provides the best tools to ensure their lives.


What we do:

We developed a web-based management software to feed and control the beneficiaries database and a mobile app that allows Arcangel team to approve hospital admissions of insured patients and keep track of them as well as generate reports of made authorizations and payments.

Likewise, Arcangel management system allows self-manage of their profiles in a simpler way through a user-friendly interface since it was designed for that specific purpose.

The application simplifies all the processes involved in attending patients to offer more efficient service in critical situations.





Tech Stack:

Development tools:

- Visual Studio

- SQL Server 2008

- SQL Management Studio 17

- PostMan

- Xamarin

Programming languages:

- C#

- SQL/LinQ



Difficulties Found

The system required a lot of custom reports that handle a lot of information and sometimes they wanted, to customize what information wanted to export/show at the moment and it was a difficult because of the huge loads of information that they had. We found a solution that solved the performance and changed the information with few clicks and delivered it via download file or sent via email.




We ended up with a stable cross-platform application with the administrator web-based for different users with different roles, and they are able to manage all the content and settings from their users and send notifications via mobile to them.


In the mobile application part, we managed to develop a lightweight application that runs on both iOS and Android so their users can have the needed tools to do the paperwork in a simple way that will make this process faster.