Bergstrom is a recently created company that is looking to introduce Torden Brands into the Mexican market. Torden is an e-liquid manufacturer with a specific target.

For this project, we needed to create a website for e-commerce in addition to a branding positioning strategy.

Bergstrom needed to expand their sales globally and start selling with a stable eCommerce developed with their requirements; they needed some specific information for their reports, payment methods, API integration with their carriers.





The main idea was to create a new and revolutionary experience for end users that are vape-friendly and for those who aren’t using the latest technology available for web applications. One of the biggest challenges was to come up with those new ideas, make them possible, and help users learn about vapes.

Alongside the online store, we created a content marketing strategy which integrates actions such as creating content for blogs and other platforms, searching engine positioning, social networks management and participation in groups and discussion forums, among others.

Tech Stack


-Microsoft ASP.Net C#
-Azure Hosting Services
-Entity Framework
-SQL Server

-Twitter Bootstrap Framework

Difficulties found

Some carriers that Bergstrom uses to deliver the orders to their customers didn’t have API to track the location and information from their orders. We developed an API where we can handle that information where we made the request directly to the carrier's website and display the data live on the customers' panel on the eCommerce.



The result of this project ended with a very stable eCommerce with an incredible user experience that made the customer get their orders delivered as fast as possible in the most secure way and tracking all the information through their customer panel.
We worked really hard on understanding what the customer required our UX/UI team helped them a lot while defining the whole process and making it as simple as possible for the customer to understanding all the buying process.
The eCommerce was developed fully responsive so every user can visit the site in every platform.