Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: February 2016


Construkino is considered one of the biggest construction companies in the northwest region of Mexico.

Using top-notch construction technology the company can deliver high-quality projects and improvement to its customers.



What we do

The challenge was to create a website with the purpose to help the brand reach a bigger audience all across Mexico’s territory.

With a new, modern and simple design their site became more appealing for the audience, reaching a significant number of potential customers.

On the back: a simple, straight and database-less MVC architecture using Google’s Firebase as a real-time information processor.

On the front: Construkino is developed using the latest standard on HTML5 and CSS3 rules combined with Google’s Material Design framework, cross-browser directives, and Javascript to maintain its design and information accessible to anyone.



Tech stack:


  • Backend

    • Microsoft ASP.Net C#

    • Google’s Firebase

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • Javascript

    • jQuery

    • Google’s Material Design