Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: September 2017



Fresh Froods is an American Company based in Arizona. Their mission is to provide fresh fruit and food to the restaurant industry always keeping the best standards and caring about customer satisfaction.

What we do

The website’s goal is to help the brand to promote its products and to familiarize end users with the advantages and nutrition perks their products can bring to the table.

Fresh Froods is a simple well-thought platform that brings information to users, helping them to be well informed about what they eat.

On the back: the project was created in a database-less MVC architecture, using Google’s Firebase as a real-time information processor.

On the front: Fresh Froods was built using the latest standard on HTML5 and CSS3 rules combined with Google’s Material Design framework, cross-browser directives, and Javascript to be consistent in mobile devices as well as laptops and desktop computers.

Tech stack:

  • Backend

    • Microsoft ASP.Net C#

    • Google’s Firebase

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • Javascript

    • jQuery

    • Google’s Material Design