Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: October 2016



Magnify is a financial analysis software that shows the users relevant information about their business money flow, represented by the income and outcome of their company.

The goal of the software is to ease data visualization for users, by making reports more graphics and simple to understand.



What we do


We provide a BI (Business Intelligence) module where we show to our users some specific statistic information that helps them to have a better view of their companies behavior in order to help them to take better decisions. This will improve their business and help them to achieve their goals.

The software was developed in a relational database environment using EF, combined with MVC architecture. The cloud services are provided by SQL Server as our main processor and LINQ as our query interpreter.

All the user interfaces are developed using the latest standard on HTML5 and CSS3 rules combined with many responsive and cross-browser directives and Javascript to maintain a smooth style and real-time feeling.


Tech stack:

  • Backend

    • Microsoft ASP .Net C#

    • Entity Framework

    • LINQ

    • SQL Server

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • Javascript

    • jQuery

    • Twitter Bootstrap Framework