The Hermosillo Naranjeros, is the baseball team with the most victories in the Mexican Baseball League. This year they started seeking to renew their digital profiles, so they could engage with their fans in a more elegant and user-friendly manner. They now wanted to become the baseball team with the best website to interact with. 


For Naranjeros, it was of utmost importance to deliver an easy to use website with great coverage capacity. They also wanted to take advantage of the traffic and audience their platform would acquire, and they requested a way they could run ads on their website. After all, the Naranjeros Club is a big advertising provider in Mexico. They also sell a variety of merchandise and requested an eCommerce shop where they could keep on selling nationwide.  


Naranjeros hired us as an extension of their development team. This way we worked closely and constantly advanced in achieving every one of the requirements in their checklist. 


How we do


First off we did what we call a kick-off, to put together a team for our client. In this case, we gathered a project manager, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, UX/UI designer, and an analyst. These were the required positions to transform the way the Naranjeros Club does business.


First up was eCommerce, they wanted to have sales happening as soon as possible, for which we used the platform Prestashop. Why? because it's easy to set up, grow, and administer. In our experience, Prestashop includes all the functions needed to run a successful eCommerce.


Having the eCommerce ready and defined, we moved on to design the naranjeros.com website. It is a robust, very well integrated platform where you can see sports news, the team roster, team´s statistics, games calendar, stadium, pictures and videos of their games, and many details about the team. 


To get the design and organization of all the data and functions, our analyst went engaging with fans. We got to know them and found out how they would most like the website. The big challenge in this project was de CMS (content management system), which can change and update 90% of all content on the website. We tested out their old CMS to know their usual modus operandi, and approve upon it. 


All the content of the website, and then the module of their media space on the website. They can easily put up an ad on their website, by choosing the space, uploading the content, and assigning a call to action that they need. 


This platform and eCommerce are opening new paths for the Hermosillo Naranjeros, the sky's the limit for them. We thank their trust in us.