Developed in:  Xamarin

Time of developed: 4 months

Date: February 2018




Scrumptious is a service that makes ingredient restocking easy by delivering the best seafood, fruits, and meats totally fresh directly from their warehouse to your restaurant. Their Just-In-Time delivery model makes it possible and easy to avoid using frozen ingredients and making your restaurant operation easier.

Problem Area

In order to expand their reach, and further improve their service, wanted a tool for their customers to make, track, and manage orders with more ease.



To help meet Scrumptious’ goals and expectations we set ourselves to develop a good looking app that had every functionality the customers need but that was also simple enough to allow the user to complete an order with just a few taps. We knew that if the company wanted to move to the digital era, they also needed to automate their processes, so along with the application, we provided a full-fledged back-office website so they could manage products, order, customer tickets, etc.

The mobile app was developed using Microsoft’s Xamarin Platform and the MVVM design pattern, which allowed us to minimize the development time as much as possible while maintaining a uniform look throughout every mobile OS. The application is connected to the back-office website via Microsoft’s ASP Web API, which was developed using ASP MVC and SQL Server.


Difficulties found

We wanted to make this application full of functionalities, but since the target of this application are restaurant owners whose age range vary, we knew we had to make the user experience a priority. So we had figure out a way to keep all of this functionality while streamlining the order process to make it as accessible and manageable as possible.



We ended up with an application that lets you make an order in as little as three taps while keeping a lot of extra features for users that want to manage as much of their operation on the app as possible.


Tech stack:

  • Backend

    • Microsoft Xamarin C#

    • Entity Framework

    • LINQ

    • SQL Server

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • XAML

    • Javascript

    • jQuery

    • Twitter Bootstrap Framework




You can find the app at:

App Store

Play Store