Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: May 2015



It is our product that works as a content management system, and it was developed to store and handle information even through different websites developed on diverse platforms through APIs served directly in every content post information so the user can implement it wherever he wants just with a request on the API.

We have implemented The Content in more than 400 sites that they handle the news, or companies and they can easily share the information between the people they are targeting and even social media and the user can track the traffic of their content.



What we do


The purpose of this platform is to bring a powerful and dynamic tool for tech-savvy people (mainly developers), who are trying to manage their content in a website, allowing them to modify and manipulate their code as desired.

The Content works as a content management tool where users can create articles, categories, galleries, sliders (carousel), lists, containers, and many more. One of the key features is the statistical integration and follow-up it has in terms of visits and traffic delivered to the websites where the system is integrated.

On the back: The project was created in a relational environment using EF as a main structure combined with MVC architecture. The engine of our platform is a dedicated server (VPS) configured for the website given the demand it can get during the production period. The server has a SQL Server environment installed and LINQ as our interpreter.

Also, the server gives power to our small but powerful API that makes everything possible when other websites want to connect and consume the content.

On the front: The Content is developed using the latest standard on HTML5 and CSS3 rules combined with cross-browser directives and Javascript to help the users read and understand all the information the API is generating.


Tech stack:


  • Backend

    • Microsoft ASP .Net C#

    • Azure Hosting Services

    • Entity Framework

    • LINQ

    • SQL Server

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3

    • Javascript

    • jQuery

    • Twitter Bootstrap Framework