Developed in:  Microsoft ASP.Net C# more.

Date: February 2016


The Poke CO is a food company specialized in sushi bowls. They were looking to stand out of the competition and offer a better service by creating their own app. This is a big leap ahead not only regarding the delivery service but also enabling users to customize their bowls.

Having an app on their own is not a common perk in a local restaurant. Usually, they only have telephone service, or at best they offer uber eats delivering.


What we do

Alongside with the chef, we designed the app to include every detail for full customization. The goal was to combine brand identity with a user-friendly interface.

Problem area

As a new restaurant in a city like Hermosillo, The Poke Co wanted a way to stand out from other food places and appeal to the younger crowd.


We proposed an app that will allow customers to make their food order and reservation directly from their phone. This will then be sent to a POS (point of sale) system and then to the kitchen. This means that during peak periods, there is no need for customers to wait until the waiting staff is available to take their orders. More people can, therefore, be served during the same period.

Customers also have the opportunity to pay directly through their phones. Put all of this together, and the customer can complete an order in just a few taps, with a notification being sent to them when their order is ready to be picked up.

On the administrative side of things, the restaurant is able to add new items to the menu (which will instantly be reflected on the application), activate discount coupons, send notification to users, manage orders and even pull out add reports with key information as most ordered items, weekly summaries, total orders, the demographic that makes the most orders and more.


The mobile app was developed using Microsoft’s Xamarin Platform and the MVVM design pattern, which allowed us to minimize the development time as much as possible while maintaining a uniform look throughout every mobile OS. The application is connected to the back-office website via Microsoft’s ASP Web API, which was developed using ASP MVC and SQL Server.


Tech stack:

  • Backend

    • C#

    • ASP MVC

    • ASP Web API.

    • SQL Server

    • Entity Framework

    • Firebase Analytics

  • Frontend

    • HTML5

    • CSS3 / Bootstrap

    • Xamarin Forms

    • Javascript


Difficulties found

To optimize the branding of the store, our UX team made a very ambitious design to make it very appealing to download and keep. Since the Xamarin framework is somewhat limited to what you can do design wise, we had to go through hoops and bounds to circumvent these limitations and translate our UX experts’ design on the mobile application.



We ended up with what we think it’s a beautiful application with tons of features for the customer connected to a useful and user-oriented POS web application that we are sure will help Poke Co position themselves firmly in the Hermosillo Market.