Frequently asked questions

We have most of our developers in Hermosillo, a very nice city in North West Mexico. But we have some developers in Mexico City, Guadalajara and recently we opened a branch in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sure, you will find good coders anywhere. But the cultural affinity you will find in Latam is invaluable. Speaking about price, it's hard to tell due to the Indian quality volatility. Comparing apples with apples, I am pretty sure Latam has more value and more consistency.

No, but it is near to San Carlos and Rocky Point, so if you want to go to a party, we can take you there and ride in our company yacht. 

We are just six hours driving and one hour flight.  Hermosillo has an international airport that connects us very effectively with the rest of the world.

We focus on developing SaaS software, but we can do virtually any kind of software by staffing the correct team for your project.

Yes, it's what we do, create amazing development teams around the world.

How long takes you to start coding after I hire you?

Well, due to our recruitment process, the average time for team-building is six weeks. 

Well, in that case, we will recommend to you another company which collaborates with us.  In Xipe we don't take emergency projects because we are not experts on that, but we know someone specialized in that.

Our recruitment team has a lot of experience and a deep source of candidates because we own our post-university school, where we train more developers than we can hire.

Please take a look to our recruitment process.

Each case is different, but in a very general way, everything starts since the first contact. The personal following of our team will provide you a great human experience.

Once we start working, a daily meeting with all your team. Continuous communication through the collaboration platform of your choice will keep you up to date in the daily work.

We also have some training courses available for you to help you to adapt to the agile methodologies if you want. 

Due to all our contracts are long-term relationships, we organize different events where you can participate. 

You will find how easy it is to love your Xipe team.

That's my favorite question. Xipe is a community; all our developers even working in different projects, share their knowledge every day. We organize talks every week and a monthly event to teach them new abilities. It's all about culture.