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Two simple solutions

Solo Coders

We can fuel all your coding needs.
Real professionals taking care of your development activities, with experience and knowledge to help you, no matters the language or the technology.


Integral team

We’ll work with you to design the extended team that fits your organization. We have proved many team alingments that really delivers to support startups or scale ups.


How do we engage with our customers

  • Meet the alphas

    We start with an Alpha team, a group of experts that help you to start softly.
  • Start working

    You work with the Alpha team while we staff your permanent team, average of 3 weeks.
  • Definitions

    During the alpha period we define the communication and start with the first steps of the software development life cycle.
  • Your own team

    As soon as we get your team assemble the Alpha team release the project to them in a softly process of integration.
  • Ambassador

    When your team is complete and full operative, we can schedule some trips to meet personally if needed.

Our portfolio

See our previous works and how we helped other companies across the world

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Indicators to take decisions

Our numbers speaks for us, we are the best partner you will find.


Team turn over

Talent with experience, good working culture

30 mins

Avg. Response time

We care of your project, and we commit with that.

25 teams

Teams assembled

Experience to build and keep people together

3 Weeks

Avg. Team assemble

We are agile and well known.

10 Years

doing software

Stability, solidity, experience.